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Leicester Lawnmower service review

Scraptoft Gardens selected Oadby Mower Services to maintain and repair our lawnmowers.

Our Mountfield Honda Roller was due a much needed service .

The owner of the company and engineer is John Durance. He has a good knowledge and understanding on the best ways to repair, look after and maintain lawnmowers.

Contact details . The best way to contact John is to text him.

As this lawnmower gets used daily the blade needed sharpening and surrounding area cleaned of grass deposits which build up and corrode the underside of the main body.

The lawnmower engine was also checked and cleaned. Starting it now is better than when first purchased

The blade was sharpened and underside coated to protect the body from corrosion and grass accumulation.

The above pictures are all orders !!!.

In conclusion, Oadby Mower Services offer a great service and plenty of advise and we would recommend them .

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